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The Heart of The Pines Quilt Guild

Welcome to Gaylord, Michigan

and The Heart of the Pines. Promoting fellowship and enhancing community through the quilting arts.

We meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month at the St. Mary's Pastoral Center, 611 W North St, Gaylord, MI from 5 p.m. for quilting and visiting. Business meeting at 7pm.

On the 3rd Tuesday we get together at the same place to just quilt and talk from 1pm to about 6pm.Come and go as it suits you. Members will receive e-mail reminders a few days before these meetings to remind them which place we meet at.

What's new on the blog?

The Blog is still the place to go for Minutes, but this will be the main log-in page from now on.

Read June Minutes

Words form our CQO

Snow, snow is nice to sit inside where it is cozy and look out at it. With my machine humming away, I am getting a lot done this winter. I don't know about you, but I look forward to spring with the first crocus peeping up through the snow, and the ground awakening from its long winter sleep. Will it ever come? Not for another 5 weeks if you believe the groundhog predictions. Quilters usually kick off spring with National Quilting month in March, and we are no exception. I saw some cute quilts ready to be hung in the library at our last meeting. I hope you are all busy working on the final details of yours. It is always such a joy to see the library display and get feedback from the non quilting public. Stay warm, and if you just have to venture out, may it be to buy fabric!

Button Challenge Viewer's Choice at the November Meeting

This top, done by Bev Luderman, took the most votes. She not only was true to her colors, but the entire button was duplicated in her work.

There were quite a few tops shown for the button challenge, all of them wonderful so it was hard to choose. Even if you did not have your top done for the awards in November, please finish it. We will have a special display of these quilts at the Quilt Show in October.

More at


2014 Quilt Show Grand Prize Quilt


The 3rd Tuesday sit 'n sew is May 20th at Delpines.

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